Professional Image Association of Africa

Who are we & who is it for?

The PIAA strives to combine all the facets of total image into one organization. We want to establish a network of image experts which includes anyone that wants to, or is already involved in the image industry. This association is for any professional in image or image-related fields e.g. fashion designers/buyers, stylists, fashion journalists, beauticians, hair-stylists, make-up artists, dieticians, wellness and fitness instructors, plastic surgeons etc.

Membership Fees

We encourage all businesses that share our passion for image, to start up your membership with PIAA.
Membership fees are R 500 once off.

How do I become a member?

If you would like to become a part of the Professional Image Association of Africa, fill out the membership applicant form below and forward it to us: info@saimage.co.za  

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Why be a part of the Professional Image Association of Africa?

  • Gain credibility in the minds of existing and potential clients
  • Meet new people in the image-related industry that can contribute to your business
  • Grow your business with knowledge from our conferences and newsletters
  • Belong to a network of image professionals that can share their skills
  • Share your opinion about image/business related subjects with other professionals and receive advice as well
  • Opportunity to attend conferences where you can network, market yourself and expand your business
  • Gain access to a monthly newsletter that updates you with the latest in the image and wellness industry
  • Gain publicity from appearing on our Website which promotes your business
  • Receive a PIAA certificate which makes you more credible in the image field
  • Exclusive usage of the PIAA logo along with your own brand that recognizes exceptional service and professionalism
  • New businesses can benefit from the knowledge and familiarity from those that are more experienced


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