Complete makeovers

Have you been thinking about updating your look but don’t know where to start? SA Image Academy’s experts have the knowledge to give you the skills to create a variety of stunning looks. Once your transformation is complete, a brand-new you will emerge, turning heads and stealing the room, every day.

A complete makeover can change your life. Obviously, it will make you look better, but it’s deeper than that. A successful makeover will more than likely make you feel much better, too. You’ll move with confidence, knowing that your look is fresh, and you’ll be excited to feel as if you’re at the cutting edge of fashion rather than lagging behind.

You’ll be getting compliments again and that will help build your confidence as well. You’ll know that people are looking at you differently, and they’ll let you know that you’re looking fantastic – nothing beats getting the confirmation that you’ve done the right thing by getting a makeover.

After your makeover, you’re going to feel like a new person. It might seem silly to suggest that changing your hair and your makeup can change the entire way that you think about yourself, but it really can. You’ll be presenting a new face to the world; one that truly expresses who you want to be, and you’ll be surprised at how easily that makes you feel! It will be as if you’ve transformed from that boring person in the mirror into the confident, bold person you’ve wished you could be!

You walk in one way, we do style, colour, wardrobe and shopping (on your budget). We come back with a new wardrobe, all in one day.



Hair & Makeup

We have years of experience and will help you determine which cut, colour and style will work best with your face shape and skin tone. When we’re finished you won’t know why you’ve had your old style for so long.

Not only will we give you a new look that works together with your new hairstyle to make you beautiful, we will also give you tips and tricks that will help you choose the right makeup, how to apply it and maintain it for a great look.

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    Complete Makeovers