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Ultimate Image

Ciska Jansen

072 111 1324

Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
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From a young age, Ciska developed a passion for serving and helping people. She graduated from the Technological University of Free State in 2003 with a National Diploma in Hospitality Management. During her time spent in the hospitality industry, she was inspired by her growing desire to equip individuals from various walks of life for their future careers and for life by helping them find their own personal style inside and out. In 2013 she qualified as a Professional Image Consultant through SA Image Academy.

Ciska established Ultimate Image in 2014 with the focus of equipping and encouraging individuals for their future and walking in their true purpose as intended by our Heavenly Father. At Ultimate Image we help you “Become the Ultimate You”.

Frelette Image & Style Consultant

Frelette Van Niekerk

082 842 9449

Johannesburg, South Africa
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With a background in the fashion and wedding industry, Frelette, a qualified fashion designer and image consultant form Frelette Image and style consultant, understands the Power of Style.

Frelette image consultant, based in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, is dedicated to assisting her clients in developing the confidence they desire to understand their authentic body shape and personal style.

Contact Frelette for a one-on-one consultation or get a group of friends together for a shape, style and colour consultation.

Frelette Image and style consultant together with the help of the new APPearance Specialist will set the foundation for astonishing personal style and a future wardrobe that will boost your confidence and fit and flatter your body shape.

Image Avenue

Dedre Walters

084 511 1776

Johannesburg, South Africa
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Dedré always dreamt about being a successful businesswoman in a field that she was passionate about. She had always been drawn to the fashion industry. Her time spent in the hospitality industry allowed her to find her calling to inspire and build people's confidence.

After completing her studies at The South African Image Academy. Dedré opened Dare Boutique

Dedré has been in the image industry since 2011, and afterward, became a stylist of various magazines.

Helping women to look and feel their best is her absolute passion.

Twin Lifestyle

Zana Boshoff

072 811 3093

Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Our story began in 2007. As twin sisters who both shared the passion for beauty in all shapes and forms, we studied consumer science - clothing retail management and completed our Masters in Entrepreneurship at the University of Pretoria.

With a creative mother who always loved clothing, makeup, and style, we started our business as make-up artists and worked with photographer, Kevin Mark Pass, who showed us the ins and outs of photographing makeup.

Over the years, we have explored opportunities in the model, makeup, and hair styling industry. We have a passion for entrepreneurship as well as small- business development, due to having worked as learning and development consultants, focusing on the development of young entrepreneurs.

As a qualified image consulting company (trained by the SA Image Academy), we aim to offer a unique all-in-one package to every client. Twin Lifestyle is about finding your personal style, embracing your inner beauty, and empowering your true image by bringing life to your style and style to your life.

We have a passion to be creative and to make a person feel beautiful and worthy. We can help you make the right choices about your appearance, wardrobe, style and help you rediscover your look and make it part of your lifestyle.

Style Muse

Nancy Mendes

071 324 3106

Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa
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A mother of two awesome young ladies, who were raised and bred in Portugal, we came back to SA to plug into the excitement of this rainbow nation. We've been blessed and have been able to open a hair and beauty salon in Bedfordview. I have been doing image consulting for 3 years and have recently, proudly qualified with the SA Image Academy. I have never worked a day, since because this is a passion, not a job.

My personal style is based on my mood but it usually incorporates an elegant, timeless and expressive feel. I have so much fun with fashion, now that I know the rules (and how to break them), that it honestly feels as though the world is my stage from where I get to play every day!

My aim is to positively influence as many people as I can with my passion.

Michelle Kok Image Consultant & Stylist

Michelle Kok

064 160 8540

Pretoria, South Africa
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MKimage firmly believes that there is no such thing as a ‘less beautiful’ woman.

You are fully in control of the IMAGE you portray to the world. Find your STYLE, be the BEST VERSION of yourself. BeYOUtiful!

“Nothing makes a woman more BEAUTIFUL than the BELIEF that she is BEAUTIFUL” – Sophia Loren

Image Reflections

Marne Brits

065 825 0982

Montana, Pretoria, South Africa
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Marné Brits’ passion for style and fashion finds its home in Image Reflections, a company that not only helps you look your best but more importantly, be the best version of yourself.

Marné believes that beauty and style are firmly rooted in the idea of embracing yourself at all levels, whether it is a sparkly night on the town, or stylish comfort to face every day. “Pretty is what you are, beauty is what you do.”

Image Consultant

Rene Maree

083 440 9444

Pretoria, Gauteng
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Rene Maree is a freelance fashion stylist and image consultant specialising in full makeovers, one-on-one consultations, wardrobes, and personal shopping.

Rene is a qualified hairdresser, fashion editor, and stylist, graduating from the renowned Tina Scholtz Academy in Potchefstroom.

Counseling abused and victimised women, participating in various outreaches, she is an active figure in her community, raising awareness that helps struggling women to overcome adversity, persecution, and most importantly building self-belief.

With a strong client base, including local celebrities, in the Gauteng region. Rene has quickly established herself as a rising talent within the local community.

With a passion for fashion and beauty, she strives to build a lasting relationship with her clients, raising their profile within fashion with specifics to their personal style, thus giving a personalised touch to everyone she works with.

“What you wear can largely govern your feelings and your emotions, and how you look influences the way people regard you. So fashion plays an important role on both the practical level and the aesthetic level.” Rei Kawakubo

Style to Perfection

Leana van Wyk

083 598 4809

Alberton, South Africa
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I qualified as an image consultant in May 2017 and since then have been very busy building my own image consultancy business. I am loving every second of my new career journey because I get to work with women and motivate them to believe in themselves again. I try and inspire them to see that they are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, it gives me such great pleasure to help women realise that they are worthy and should feel worthy.

Since becoming an image consultant, it has made me so happy to see how, by changing the way you see yourself and others, you can be an inspiration to women that need to be uplifted in life. Small changes can lead to big achievements. The best thing about my job is to make women feel that they can go out and live life to the fullest, I love to motivate and challenge them to go and change the way they look at themselves and to dress with confidence. All women are beautiful, they must just believe it and speak it over themselves.

I always tell my clients that the way you represent yourself is your business card to the world and by looking and feeling good it gives them the self- confidence to go out and show people that they are beautiful.

Becoming Myself Image Consultancy

Marinna Joubert

079 130 3530

Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
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Since I can remember, I have had a love and a passion for women! Motivating, empowering and inspiring them, brings absolute joy to my heart!

When I started as an image consultant I had to pick a name…I read this awesome book, 'Becoming Myself', that shaped me as a woman in many wonderful ways.

I had to look no further as this was the message I wanted to get out there. To become a secured, fulfilled and beautiful woman, I need to become Myself. This is a transformation process that includes shaping our inner as well as outer beauty.

Helping women journey through this transformation process gives me purpose and fulfillment.

Image Consultant

Nicole Vogel

083 428 4820

Boksburg, South Africa
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Multidimensional in her talents, Nicole is the founder and CEO of Nicole Vogel Inc. Founded in 2015, she specialises in image consulting and design.

With a background in art, BA Fashion from LISOF, and being an accredited member of the PIAA and South African Image Company, Nicole realises that outer-image is as important as inner-image, and through the development and understanding of a person’s outer-image, their inner identity can be ignited and transformed.

Nicole is a firm supporter of the empowerment of women, and through charity, hopes to encourage women to reach their goals, become a woman of substance, and pave a path of inspiration for generations of young women to come.

Hello Beautiful

Lizanne Anderson

071 472 7944

Randburg, South Africa
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Lizanne Anderson has a passion for helping women through her business, "Hello Beautiful", to become the best version of themselves. She is a professional and qualified image consultant, who is living out her passion, aiding women to realise their uniqueness, help boost their confidence and learn to appreciate their beauty.

Lizanne does this by determining your unique Style, Shape and Colour, assist you with Personal Shopping, by offering Group Make-up Essentials Workshops, or Style and Colour Workshops, by performing Make-overs or Wardrobe Revamps.

So beautiful ladies, come over for a coffee, a consult and come and say hello!

Image Consultant

Sonja Eloff

083 268 1397

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I am an extrovert, who loves working with people and enjoys making new friends. I want to get to know you inside and out. I have been in the corporate industry for almost 11 years and realised that I have more to offer to people, and found that this is where my passion lies. PEOPLE. I am a mommy, a wife and a daughter of the great King. That being said, I have the ability to connect with young and old, corporate industry, mommies and school-leavers. Anyone who needs and wants a change. I can assist by building your brand within your company.

I want to help you re-discover yourself on the inside and out. I want to help you become the best possible version of yourself and love yourself. Let me help you find your personal style and colours to best suite your skin. Let me help you love yourself and be in your own skin.

I would love to meet with you and have a cup of coffee to discuss your needs. Or to just have a chat.

Image Consultant

Hettie Mills

071 480 5507

Centurion, Pretoria
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!Mage Masters will focus on the following:

Style & Colour Guidance

Wedding Stylist

Makeup, Skin and Hair Guidance

Mini Makeovers & Photoshoots

Personal Development

Fashion Design & Pattern Constructionist

Corporate Dress Codes

Figure Analysis

Body Language


Personal Shopper

Wardrobe Planning

Motivational Speaker (Teaching Sessions)

Décor and Office Image (From the tie to the desk)

Project & Function Management

Priscilla Mc Dougall Image Consultant & Makeup Artist

Priscilla Mc Dougall

084 819 8570

Alberton, Johannesburg
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My journey started as a young girl. I have always found beauty extremely fascinating. After studying & qualifying as a beauty therapist and makeup artist in 2013, I somehow still did not feel as fulfilled as I would have thought. I worked in a few salons and eventually exchanged what I then thought was my "dream job" for a corporate job.

After working in the corporate industry for four years, I finally realised that it was a person’s presence, appearance & complete image that truly fascinated me. I did some research, discovered SA Image and knew that this is what I was destined to do.

My goal is to educate people on how extremely importance of their image. Our image has a major impact on how other people perceive us and how we perceive ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. I want each woman to realise that true beauty lies within, we simply need to make sure the exterior matches the interior. I believe through knowing what to wear and how to wear it correctly and comfortably, this is achievable, along with one-on-one make lessons or a group class.

I am truly passionate about helping women become confident in themselves.

Image Consultant

Jomari van der Berg

084 585 6406

Pretoria, Waverley
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My name is Jomari. I am the chief dreamer at Mimie. Not only do I love my job, but I am also in love with everything I do. But then again who wouldn’t be if you spend your days with women from all spheres of life?

I am an admitted attorney, however being an attorney broke my spirit; I reassessed my situation. I knew that I didn’t want to break anything or anyone- instead, I prefer building and creating. Since I can remember, I was making the most gorgeous dresses for my barbies. With my amazing husband and mother cheering me on from the sideline, I started to study fashion design at Lisof. I loved every moment of it. I just knew that I had found my calling.

In March 2015, my company, Mimie, was born. We specialise in special occasion wear. From wedding dresses to matric farewell dresses and every thinkable bespoke garment in between. My days are filled with silks, satins, tulle, lace, beads, pearls and incredible women.

My heart for women just kept on growing. And I knew that I had to do something more. Then SA Image crossed my path. Wow! I was the 1 left a changed woman. So I am now also an image consultant. I have a passion to inspire, motivate and empower women. I am an image and a bridal consultant.

Our coffee is always fresh! Our hears and hands are open and ready to serve!

Deliciously Me Image Consultant & Stylist

Carina Fourie

073 281 9295

Pretoria, Lynnwood
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Every woman deserves to be able to look into a mirror and fall in love with what they see. Feel good about the version of themselves reflecting back at them. That is because I believe that every woman deserves to be a version of themselves I like to call "deliciously me".

Although a lawyer by trade for the past 16 years, I knew I had a heart for investing in people, using my creativity to help people dig deep to find their true selves. And for this reason, I see image consulting as a calling. As women, we come as a package: with a beautiful and strong heart, a willing soul and kind spirit. But too often if the inside does not match the outside, we tend to feel lost or lose our self-worth. Whether it happened gradually over time or by virtue of a specific event. It is here where I would love to walk this journey with you in finding your true and unique self. Whether you just need some inspiration with a new look, a new wardrobe or a complete change. You too can be "deliciously me".

Dress-My-Style Image Consultant

Bonita Baker

071 608 4562

Alberton, South Africa
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Hello I am Bonita Baker. I am a certified image consultant and I love working with ladies, helping them discover their unique style. For me, beauty starts on the inside; your outside is only a glass display case of how you feel on the inside. We all have feathers that need to be crowned and I will help you discover what your feathers are so that you can look as beautiful as you feel.

Image Consultant

Jean-Marie Hellig

072 432 0803

Northcliff, Johannesburg
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Jean-Mari Hellig lover of leather, sequins and travelling. Fashion and people are my passion and Image Consulting is my destiny. I studied Bcomm Industrial Psychology and qualified as Image Consultant at the SA Image Academy. My wish is to equip and empower people to be confident and the best version of themselves. My Psychology and Corporate background will enable me to focus on both the inner and outer Image to ensure the true essence of beauty and confidence shines through. The aim is to transform the way you feel about yourself, enhance your personal style and to support you in discovering your true potential.

I want to equip you to manage your own image by addressing all elements from personal grooming, clothing, body language, etiquette and your communication skills. Let us embark on a life-changing journey together to find the true YOU –Fashion your Personal Brand.

Image Consultant

Sumaya Dawood


Bedfordview, Johannesburg
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We are a new trendy fashion design and clothing factory in Durban, called Sendi Apparel. This is a 100% female owned Company. All staffs are highly qualified and have over 100 years of collective experience in the clothing industry.

We utilize the latest machines and technology in our factory and pride ourselves in the production of high quality garments and fashion wear for all occasions, with a quick turnaround time. We provide a Cut, Make and Trim service targeting boutique collections. Sendi Apparel takes pride in all work and we consider our Customers, as our partners.

Please do not hesitate to call us for a quotation or a factory visit. We look forward to being of service to you. Contact: 031-3011195 / 0837841964 Website:

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