Jillian’s Closet

Jillian’s Closet

Jillian’s Closet

Company Profile: I am Jillian Melinda Cloete founder and owner of Jillian’s Closet. I am a Qualified Image Consultant and obtained a BConsumer Science Clothing Retail Management degree at the University of Pretoria. Jillian’s Closet specializes in Styling and Colour analysis, wardrobe planning, makeovers and personal shopping. Art and sketching services also available. For the love of working with people, art and fashion “Jillian’s Closet” was established in 2020 where I, Melinda Cloete will be assisting many to bloom to their full potential. “You cannot escape the fact that when you look good, you feel good!”

Name: Jillian Melinda Cloete

Mobile: 0791035310

Email: melindacloete03@gmail.com

Address 1: Lynnwood Ridge

City: Pretoria

Region: Gauteng

Country: South Africa

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