Hila Image Consulting

Hila Image Consulting

Hila Image Consulting

Company Profile: I'm a lover of everything beautiful. Since a young girl my mother taught me to celebrate the beauty wherever you go. I love to create beautiful things and to celebrate the beauty & COLOUR in life. Some of my passions are fashion, interior, people, healthy food & fitness. I want to use my passions to make an impact! My goal is to help you discover and embrace your best self. I will be doing this by determining your style personality, body & face shape and help you see what colours & styles suits you best. I believe that each of us are created unique and so different - this should be celebrated. It makes life so much more fun & interesting! I want to help you see who God created you to be and help you step out into this world with confidence & no doubt- to go be YOURSELF and pursue your purpose.

Name: Thalia de Villiers

Mobile: 0845423145

Email: devilliersthalia@gmail.com

Address 1: The Jade

Address 2: New Rush Road

City: Somerset West

Region: Western Cape

Country: South Africa

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