IdoLife with Wandi

IdoLife with Wandi

IdoLife with Wandi


Company Profile: I am Wandi van Renen. T H I S is ME: 🤎Raw, Real with a touch of sparkle! 🤎I value authenticity. 🤎I am here to make a difference in the life’s of whoever I meet. 🤎I am determined to keep on doing what I love doing and B E the change. 🤎Empower women to believe that they are beautiful. 🤎Build healthy self-esteem and body image … which will automatically lead to building a better relationship with their partner. My why in life: -because you & I are ALREADY enough!! I am the proud owner of IdoLife. Here at IdoLife it is all about celebrating the beautiful woman you were born to be – inside out! I believe that beauty is more than just what the eye can see – it also about what is going on in the heart. The moment you feel content on the inside that is when you will glow on the outside. I am a qualified Image Consultant & Stylist and a certified life & women empowerment coach. And another fact about me: I am a chartered accountant & CEO of my accounting practice: IdoFin– so Yes I can do my own books! I want to end off with the famous words of Coco Chanel: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Name: Wandi van Renen

Mobile: 0832754596


Address 1: 1 Honeybush

City: Stellenbosch

Region: Western Cape

Country: South Africa

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