Say “Farewell” in Style

You’ve spent five years of your life studying tirelessly for your matric exams, thinking about your future studies and career prospects. It’s time for you to take the night off and enjoy the glitz and glamour of your matric farewell.

We understand that if there’s one event you simply cannot afford to look anything less than fabulous, it’s the matric farewell! We realise that it can be overwhelming – an illusion gown, a two-piece, ball gown or what about a cut-out dress? There are so many different styles from which to choose! No need to worry, just relax.

With a little help from our professional style consultants and our innovative, trendy App, We’ll take care of the colour as well as the style of your dress, makeup, hair, accessories, shoes and everything else to ensure that you’ll look like a princess on that very special night.

For R3500 we will guide you out of your school uniform into your new norm…
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    Say Farewell In Style