The most modern approach in image consulting

The South African Image Academy (SAIA) is one of the country’s most highly regarded image consulting training institutes, offering a wealth of skills, knowledge and materials to all those eager to reinvent not only their career, but also their personal style.

Acquiring international qualification at image institutes and associations, along with 18 years of experience in the industry, the team that founded SA Image Academy managed to create a comprehensive, modern, state-of-the-art training curriculum that promises to accelerate the success of their students.

Our Courses

12 Day Course

20 Nov – 4 Dec, Morrells Boutique Estate, Northcliff, JHB

Closing Date for enrollment for this course is 10th Nov 2017.

19 Feb – 4 Mar, Johannesburg
7 - 20 May, Cape Town
25 Jun - 8 Jul, Durban
15 - 28 Oct, Johannesburg

Closing Date for enrollment for our first 2018 course is 2nd Feb 2018.

Deposit: a 30% deposit is required to book your seat

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6 Month Course

30 January - 7 June OR
12 June - 4 December

1. Cape Town (Day Course) - Tue & Thu: 09h45 - 13h15
2. Cape Town (Evening Course) - Tue & Thu: 18h00 - 21h00
3. Johannesburg (Evening Course) - Tue & Thu: 18h00 - 21h00
4. Bloemfontein (Evening Course) - Tue & Thu: 18h00 - 21h00

Exams and practical exams will be after class dates.
Dates will be confirmed.

Closing Dates:
First Course - 16th Jan 2018
Second Course - 25th May 2018

Deposit:30% deposit is required to book your seat

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  • Shaheena Yusuf Sindhi

    "Awesome!! Excited to get my knowledge out to women and start practicing soonest."

    Shaheena Yusuf Sindhi
  • Priya Malla

    "Our trainer is extremely professional & friendly at the same time. She is always answering questions to the point and makes sure that we understand the contents. The course was an eye-opener.  The most valuable thing was how image is important and how personal style and good image can make your life better.

    The Course was very much mind opening and really opens up to a whole world of opportunities and was really helpful already for myself and I am sure for potential clients too"

    Priya Malla
  • Natalie Lutrin

    "Thank you! I so enjoyed the last few days! A lot of information to process & digest…practice & experience is key!

    This has been so insightful, enjoyable, informative & in depth! I loved it!!!"

    Natalie Lutrin

The Appearance Specialist APP

Imagine finding your client’s body shape with the touch of a button. The guessing game of body shapes has finally been evicted. The ongoing search by image consultants to give a client good advice and product to take home during a consulation has been fulfilled. The APPearance specialist app, conveniently installed on your mobile device, was designed to simplify the consultation between a stylist and the client.

At the tap of a screen and a swipe of the finger, consultants can enter their clients’ details for a style and colour consultation in the palm of their hand, eg. Find My Figure, Find My Face, Find My Fashion, Show My Shape, Show My Segments, Create My Colour etc.

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