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Are you a well-trained, actively engaged image consultant yearning to ascend to the next level? Perhaps you’ve been discreetly admiring the SA Image app and Instagram feed, noting the fresh, unique terminology for body shapes and other industry facets that resonate with your passion. That’s precisely why we’ve designed this exclusive bridging course for individuals like you. It serves as a conduit, inviting you to join the sorority of dynamic and vibrant SA Image consultants making waves in the industry. So, why hesitate any longer? Take that initial step, embrace a leap of faith, immerse yourself in our language, uncover industry secrets, and become a valued member of a sorority that uplifts, motivates, and provides a platform for everyone to shine.

Online Level-Up (Bridging) Course:

Syllabus Outline

Syllabus 1:

The Personal Development Manual

The concept of identity is often bandied about, but few people really understand the term and its implications. Have you ever considered how your behaviour and the way you see yourself influences your future? Does individual identity influence your daily life? This module will look at identity, the biology of image, journalling and personality preferances; why being aware of it is important; how it develops; and how we are able to grow in it.

Syllabus 2:

Style Certification

(The Style Manual – 13 Chapters | The Male Manual – 15 Chapters)

Style and image – the basic building blocks of your brand-new and exciting career! And to help you on your road to success is our revolutionary style App, specially developed by – and for – SAIA! This handy tool places everything you’ll ever need to style and guide your clients at your very fingertips. The App, which is available exclusively to SAIA registered consultants may be used to give your clients advice on figure shape, segments, face shape and the correct colours to wear. The App also includes a guide that will help them find their fashion style.

Syllabus 3:

Colour Certification

When it comes to colour, simply spot on is the way to go. Our Colour Analysis syllabus covers all the areas of colour analysis, including the theory of colour and directional colour analysis, performing an accurate, informative and enjoyable colour consultation, as well as teaching your clients how to apply their best colours when shopping for clothing or selecting make-up and hair colour.

Syllabus 4:

Build Your Business

All the knowledge you gain during this course will be worth nothing if you don’t share it with the world. Getting out there and promoting your skills and services, will play a pivotal role in the overall success of your career as an image consultant. This one-day syllabus will give you confidence and help you discover the personal insights and methods needed to ensure a profitable, sustainable and long-term business.

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