Carla Pattison Image Consultant

Carla Pattison Image Consultant

Carla Pattison Image Consultant


Company Profile: I am an experienced image and style specialist who loves to journey with women through a process of re-discovery and design, igniting the beauty that is inside of you…again. I am a creative being and lover of all things beautiful. I am a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister and amazing friend, but above all an experienced and multi-dimensional woman. I know life is short…and therefore I do not waste time to fit in or be part of the crowd. I live in full colour, explain my choices to nobody and love sharing the freedom of knowing who I am. Celebrating who God created me to be. Life should be a celebration. It is a gift that we should enjoy. Starting my day, loving what I see in the mirror, is my way to ignite beauty in my life, every day.

Name: Carla Pattison

Mobile: 0829978645


Address 1: Stand 1482

Address 2: Midfield Estate

City: Centurion

Region: Gauteng

Country: South Africa

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