Misi Consulting and Styling

Misi Consulting and Styling

Misi Consulting and Styling

Website: http://www.misi.co.za

Company Profile: Misi is the acronym for My Identity Shines Infinitely. I am an Identity Stylist, coming alongside women and helping them to understand their thinking preference that has a direct influence and compliment their unique style and look. Every woman needs to shine in her own right - some are candles, some spotlights, others are fairy lights and others streetlights ... each has it’s role and purpose, each gives meaning. Beauty is knowing who you are and applying the practical skills to look your best.

Name: Ronel Botha

Mobile: 0842719430

Email: ronel@misi.co.za

Address 1: 44 Richelieu Street

Address 2: Everglen

City: Durbanville

Region: Western Cape

Country: South Africa

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