Sulette Lamprecht Image Consulting

Sulette Lamprecht Image Consulting

Sulette Lamprecht Image Consulting

Company Profile: Sulette has always had a love for beautiful clothes, makeup and feeling your best. She started Sulette Lamprecht Image Consulting as soon as she completed her course at Sa Image and never looked back since! Sulette believes in making every woman see her full potential by showing them how unique their individuality makes them, how to dress for their body shape and how to own the body and personality they were born with! Sulette has had the privilege to win best makeover of the year 2020 by Sa Image and is a proud member of the IPIA. She has completed a make-up course and can show you exactly how to apply day to day make-up. Suletteโ€™s services include: Colour Consultation, Style Consultation, Make-over, Personal Shopper, Cupboard Specialist and Make-up services. There has never been anyone like you and there will never again be someone like you, as there is only one of you in this lifetime, let Sulette show you how to be proud of the person you are and how to reach your full potential by dressing up, showing up and feeling the best version of yourself!

Name: Sulette Lamprecht

Mobile: 076 155 6924


Address 1: 17 Goethe Street

City: Secunda

Region: Mpumalanga

Country: South Africa

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