Ally Koen Image

Ally Koen Image

Company Profile: The concept of "Image" is more than just wearing a pretty dress in the right colour its about reflecting a healed soul, its about being truly free. I’ve always loved the mysteries of style and fashion and since embarking on this life-changing journey of not only digging into the depths of myself to clear out years of self-doubt and not feeling beautiful enough but I also discovered so much about the intricate details of image as a whole. I am not just an Image Consultant, I care about what’s been standing in the way of you becoming the very best version of yourself. At Ally Koen Image we will keep working with you to reach your full personal and professional image goals.

Name: Alethea Lambert-Koen

Mobile: +27832546495


Address 1: 77 Verwoerd drive

Address 2: Vanes Estate

City: Uitenhage

Region: Eastern Cape

Country: South Africa

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