Company Profile: Hi there! I am Joanne Human. Living the best life in the countryside and raising four very busy farm kids. I am an artist at heart with a love for creativity, fashion, beauty and all things pretty. Growing up I always had a love for fashion and makeup. Spending hours dressing up, browsing through fashion magazines and sketching my own designs. Studying professional makeup artistry and photography at Prestige College in 2003. My journey as a farmer's wife started in 2007, but my love for beauty never ended. Over the years I sold clothing, makeup, cosmetics & did many of workshops. Handing out lots of free makeup sessions and advice for friends, I realised once again how I love uplifting and empowering other women. In 2019 I enrolled with the SA Image Image Consulting online course. Completing the course, I did a recap on my makeup with Alicia Buckle's masterclass and recently I also did a session with San-Mare Hairstylist. Making sure I have all the tools to help my clients become the best version of themselves. Making ordinary women feel and look extraordinary! Knowing how busy life can be and the challenge of limited resources, I help women to find their style and colour and how to incorporate it in their daily life. I guide them on what to wear, how to plan their closet, what hairstyles will suit them and how to do their makeup. I also do full makeovers along with a hairdresser and photographer. Feel free to contact me for more info.

Name: Joanne Human

Mobile: 0823144835


Address 1: 184 Voortrek

City: Swellendam

Region: Western Cape

Country: South Africa

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