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Want to become an Image Consultant? You can by studying from ANYWHERE in the world!

What is Image Consulting?

Ever dreamed of a career that is simultaneously exciting and satisfying? A career in which you'll never stagnate due to its ever-changing notions and ever-growing variety of niche markets. A career through which you can use your knowledge to improve your own quality of life as well as that of others. Whether performed on a full or part time basis, from your home or commercial office premises, image consulting offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy exactly all of these and so much more.

A career at any age
Image consultancy is one of the few professions offering more and more individuals the chance of earning a professional income both at a young age, as well as past the standard age of retirement. In fact, the majority of your clients might even fall in more or less the same age group as you, simply because people seem to relax and relate better with their peers the older they become.

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Course Outline

Syllabus 1:

Style Certification

Syllabus 2:

Colour Certification

Syllabus 3:

Build your Business

Syllabus 4:

Makeup, Skin & Hair

Syllabus 5:


Syllabus 6:


Syllabus 7:

Personal Development

Syllabus 8:

Fashion Styling


R25 650

30% (R7 695) deposit is required, you will then receive access to the first Syllabus and commence with the Course

Deposit is non-refundable, but transferable

Payment options available*

All material will be couriered to you. If you are an international student, please allow an extra fee for the courier of the kit.
May be up to R 3 500 for countries outside of South Africa.

*$ amount depends on the exchange rate on day of payment

Payment Options Available

The above price includes:


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