1. What does an Image Consultant do?

Image entails everything about the person.  An image consultant is someone who is trained to help an individual or company to enhance its image. Clothing, style, make-up, hair, sitting upright, etiquette, body language – the whole image of a person.

2. Is it true to say there is a lot of work for image consultants out there?

Every person needs an image consultant for you to find out what your colour, body shape, and face shape are. So, I would say yes, there is a lot of image consulting work.

3. Is image consulting also useful for corporate companies?

Employees and leaders learn what is appropriate and inappropriate social etiquette, social media etiquette and email etiquette. What is appropriate to wear to work and how is it appropriate to sit, stand and talk?

4. Can you also do ladies’ mornings?

There are many spheres and facets to image consulting, but I’ve got one on one consultations, little groups, bigger groups, and being a speaker at events because women love to hear what suits them, corporates and fashion styling.

5. Is the market saturated?

If you compare the qualified image consultants with the number of people in only South Africa and every person needs one, the market is not saturated no. Every person is different and has a different need and personality. People chose someone they can relate to.

6. How much money can I make as an image consultant?

It’s going to depend on you. If you are going to wait for the work to come in and do nothing to create work then nothing’s going to happen, but if you are going to make work happen it’s going to happen. There is a need to fill up, so you can make the money. 

You can make money on the side if you have a full-time job while building up you clientele, updating your social media and getting your name out there. There is lots of money to be made. 

7. Will SA Image help me build my business?

We will, but it’s up to you. We are not going to build your website and social media. We are going to be your support system if you join the sisterhood – it’s up to you if you want to join. Or you can go on your journey on your own if you want to. I would recommend, if you want to do it as a career, you join the sisterhood.

8. Do I get everything I need to practice image consulting?

Absolutely. We have additional colour boards that you can purchase, it’s not a must. We do recommend it. All the other material that you need, your manuals, measuring equipment etc. is included.

9. Will I as an individual be internationally accredited as an image consultant after I completed the SA Image Academy course?

You as an individual will not be internationally accredited, but you can use the same process that Aletté did, to get internationally certified.

Even if I studied at a company that is accredited, I am not accredited, I need to get accredited myself to be a certified image consultant internationally – by the AICI (Association of Image Consulting International). The IPIA is a local body,  currently the only one in the world with government backing, that can assist you in obtaining individual international accreditation.

10. Why an app?

Because we live in a technological world, we think the experience of giving a client a physical something that may get lost or dirty, is not as effective. Many of clients lose their information over the years, so now it is all on your phone for when you go to the shops. This app has all your recommendations, colours etc. with a click of a button on your phone. 

11. What does this say about SA Image Academy? – The fact that we have an app

Aletté went to a conference with over 300 image consultants from over 80 countries in the world and none of them had an app as we have. We have had people that have a colour app with your basic colours that you can wear, but we are the only people that, we are aware of, that have an app that has all your styles, colours, style personality, make-up, hair colours etc. in one app. That means that we are leaders, pioneers, groundbreakers, innovators and amazing.

12. What if I don’t finish the online advanced course in 6 months?

We are not pressed for time. Once you are enrolled for the course you can do it in your own time. We give you six months because if you are not pressed a little bit, especially if you are doing it on the side-line, you can forget about it and by the time you finish you have forgotten about what you learnt in the beginning. It is important for me to train people that can do the job afterwards. You must know what you are talking about. You must be on top of what you learnt. You aren’t going to be penalised if you can’t complete the course in six months. We want to encourage you to complete the course as quickly as possible because then you are still hyped up, but the moment you start doing the assignments and work you might feel like “I have to work for this”, you’re going to have to work for it.

13. How does my preferred payment plan affect my course length?

There are payment options that are longer than a year to make it possible for more people to complete the course, and if you have that payment option you have more time to do the course because we restrict the course and open it up as we receive your payment.

14. Can I do the course if I’m not in South Africa?

Yes, we are all human and we work with humans. We all have a body shape so it’s applicable to every human being. So yes, you can be anywhere in the world, we will send you your kit and because of the app it makes it possible that everything is electronic, and we also have now an online toolkit for our sisterhood people that you can consult people from anywhere in the world. 

15. What is the one thing that you see in the students who became most active in image consultants?

The golden thread that is visible amongst most active image consultants is that they know their “why” they have the drive, and they know what they want to do. They have a focus on a sphere in image consulting and they see the bigger picture and they don’t let anything stop them. They make it happen. 

It doesn’t happen within the first month, but it takes 10 000 hours to make it a success. You must get your foot in the door and make it happen. You must do the same thing consistently and continually.

16. Is image consulting the only thing you do?

No, it propelled me into doing other things as well. I was a TV presenter, I had a TV show where I spoke about image consulting, as an author, and as a speaker.

17. What makes SA Image different?

I would want to believe that our heart is not just for the outer image of a person, our heart is brought through and braided through our training. It’s all about the whole person. We have a heart for women because women are our main clients. Our focus is very much on women, and we spend time together. It’s not just a quick fix and there you go. 

If you want to train with a company where that is a big part of their focus, then I would say SA Image is the way to go. 

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